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Strike II is a research and education platform dedicated to the critical and political economic study of the Philippine Film Industry. Its main research agenda is to examine the myriad of contradictions, issues, and concerns faced by Philippine cinema today from the perspective of its marginalized working class. Through collaborative research and application of various praxeological methods, Strike II publishes articles, reviews, and studies on various topics that problematize the current condition of our film industry while also producing educational materials that can be used by film workers in their educational discussions. Strike II uses the practice of critical research to promote nationalist and progressive discourses in a bid to participate in the on-going class struggle of the Filipino people.

Current Members

Mervine Aquino is a filmmaker and writer residing in Quezon City. He currently works as a freelance writer and as editor for various film and media projects.

Nissie Arcega writes, organizes, curates, and produces. She’s currently taking her Creative Writing degree while working in publishing as a writer. Sometimes, she freelances as a production manager for art and commercial media projects.

Epoy Deyto is a filmmaker and scholar. He is currently involved in story writing and development for film and digital streaming. He’s a part-time instructor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He also contributes film reviews on VCinema and writes film criticism on his blog, Missing Codec. (epoydeyto@protonmail.com)

Adrian Mendizabal is a media studies scholar based in Manila. He is completing his degree in MA Media Studies (Film) at the University of the Philippines Film Institute (UPFI). He is recently a contributing film reviewer of VCinema